Friday, September 3, 2010

What quality describes my life?

It isn't easy to choose one but I think it would be curiosity. Most of the things I do are because of having curiosity about it and usually lost interest about them when I don't feel like I will not find something new doing it.

I love to explore, and I think that's because you can find tons of cool things and actually the best things you can find around is those that are hidden and not everyone finds. I do create a lot but I not usually finish things, once I find the way of doing it and it's almost done I lost interest because I already found some other things that I wanna create and looks like a biggest challenge. And there are things that you can do often but everyday is different so I always want to do it to discover what's going to happen today!

I know curiosity kill the cat, but I think curiosity is great and at least the cat died having fun. Curiosity opens your eyes and make you feel and enjoy more each thing you do! Yay for curiosity!!! 

1 comment:

  1. Curiosity opens the door to creativity. I think you're doing great and will continue to do great.